eeezz Premium Downpipe Bracket

eeezz Downpipe Multi Bracket

Premium profile looks modern and sleek.

Reversible flange for standard or subtle installation.

Adjustable install angle to account for 0 – 7 degree weatherboard profiles for a square, tight finish without splitting, warping and cracking over time.


(Wall clips out)


(Wall clips in)


IMPORTANT: Please read instructions carefully to ensure correct application

Premium DP Bracket


Can be installed the traditional way by snapping over the existing down pipe for fast and easy installation.

Or, for a more streamlined installation the flanges can be reversed and attached behind the down pipe and then the bracket connected for a stealth, sleek finish.

Adjustable flange arms (7 degree adjustment) mean the bracket fits true and square no matter the weatherboard profile. Too eeezz!