eeezz® Dropper & downpipe brackets

Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

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eeezz dropper and brackets from eeezz Rainwater Systems

eeezz® dropper. installed in 20s

"Too eeezz, no worries!"

The gutter outlet with the water-tight, pressured seal

Rivet free, no drilling and 20s to install. Too eeezz!

Our innovative dropper (POP) not only provides an eeezz solution to the common rust problem, but it is faster to install and fits better. Our coastal environment means buildings face rust daily, the development of a RIVET-FREE dropper means rust is no longer a problem. There is no drilling, no rivets and no debris. 20 seconds to fit and just as easy to buy.

Combine the eezzz pop with our unique bracket that caters for various installation types (flat, angled weather board, standard or reversed) and has a premium profile and you have a premium finish that will turn a good result into a great one. Offer your customers the professional choice – and make it easier on yourself too.

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