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History of eeezz

eeezz (pronounced ‘easy’ or ‘ease’) Rainwater Systems was born out of owning a business in building development, roofing, continuous gutter and downpipes.

With an eye for designs, shape and detail we identified the “dropper”, “drop” or “pop” as commonly known in the plumbing and guttering world was one product that really had not changed in form over the last century or so.

Fitting a dropper was always a messy job with drilling holes, cleaning away drilling debris, fiddling around fitting the right coloured pot rivets, siliconing over the tops of the protruding pot rivets – not a good look top and bottom. A frustrating job that always seemed to take too long, especially at the end of a hot day.

eeezz Rainwater Systems designed the new eeezz drop with tradesmen and DIY people in mind. We have successfully eliminated the annoyance factor with the eeezz drop

We produce a range of patented and proven rainwater systems for distribution throughout New Zealand.

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